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There was a boy

A very strange, enchanting boy.

25 November 1986

Biographies were never on my stronger parts of writing, but here I go. I'm Hawaiian&Asian and I have been told to have perpetual congeniality. I absolutely love music and I sing, play guitar, bass, piano & trombone. I have competed internationally and have played in Steinway & Carnegie Hall. Also, I love graphic design and Photography. I'm starting to believe that I really like the sound of my own voice, because I constantly talk and sing [or both, hence why I love doing theatre]. I dance constantly, and I don't even know if I dance well, because dancing is not what you look like, but how you feel when you do it. Even though impulse leads me to putting my heart out on the line, I am aware of my heartbeat and breathing. I'm a fashionista and my closet is loaded with a "lethal combination of colors" [as said by one my favorite gaystafarians]. I eat constantly in an all out attempt to gain one or two pounds, but the many meals I eat each day makes no impact on my weight whatsoever, & I'm wondering right now if that is good or bad. I don't change my clocks after daylight savings since I like to think that the world is happening at the wrong time. All in all, My life is crazy and there's not a single thing I can do about it. & I just realized that maybe everything is better if I don't have as much control as I think I need. I am a firm believer of serendipity. My life comes shrinkwrapped along with the following mantra: "Life is hard, but you'll know that when all random pieces coming together in one wonderful moment & you finally see what their purpose was all along, it's kismet, baby."

I love to think that all I'm looking for is "someone who I could groove with and who wants to groove with me." But life has lead me to believe that there's more to it than that. I don't really know what I'm looking for, because with each person, perfection constructs itself differently. But if you want hints, I can tell you what has been a plus in past loves. If you aren't open, or honest, then you might as well give up now, because that is one of the biggest qualities in my book. I want to meet someone who can have fun while sitting around at home talking or watching a movie, but can also enjoy being randomly crazy. I like people who are playful and can enjoy hugging & kissing more than sex because you kiss more and that means a lot more to me. Generally, they should be independent & assertive. Confidence is a big plus. Respect my friends, my family [and hopefully your own] & anyone who means something to me. Be spontaneous & be cabable of having an intelligent conversation, but also be creative since I'm sick of mainstream kids. & Finally, be yourself and hopefully, if you have the perfect confidence, I'll understand why, and that is why I'd like to meet you.