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There was a boy [entries|friends|calendar]

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REQUEST TO BE ADDED HERE [January 3rd 2015 07:47 PM]

I am no longer paying for my website, hence the crappy layout. I don't know if I will care enough to make a new layout.
This is no longer a friends-only journal.

But I'd still like to be added and get to know you so:
(This is optional)
1. ADD ME.
2. Comment with your name, age, and location,
and how you found me.
3. Be open-minded. I'm gay.



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[January 2nd 2011 10:08 AM]

[November 4th 2006 09:42 PM]

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Jack Kerouac [October 1st 2006 08:28 AM]
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[September 25th 2006 11:12 PM]
I'll be making a picture entry very soon, but until then.. a real entry:

This morning, I had experienced the quickest crash&burn of emotions. I received a voicemail which was cutesy and romantic and mysterious (because I did not know who it was) .. but halfway through the message, I realized that someone forwarded me a saved voicemail I had left months ago. Yes, it was me. I can't believe I can't recognize my own voice. After being disappointed, I picked up my lunch from the store and went to school. Initially, I was nervous about today since I had multiple quizzes, all of which managed to be amazingly easy which was a huge surprise considering the usual difficulties of each class. Alia gave me good news about .. er .. someone .. and I was happy for the rest of the day. I even did amazingly well in the choral auditions. The scoring was from 6 to 54 where 6 is a perfect score (the lower the better). Everyone is hoping to get around a 20, but I'm aiming for below a 10. I'm not being cocky, I just hope to have one of the top 2 scores.

PS: I don't really care where you put body or what you do with it. I'm pretty sure I'm doing a lot better without caring about it at all.

PPS: I luh-luh-love Rouge. ♥ If only he knew, haha.

[September 5th 2006 04:30 PM]
Damnit. I'm a jealous, jealous man.

[August 10th 2006 08:48 PM]
Science and religion coexist in a world that constantly states how they contradict eachother. With my love for science, my religious beliefs have diminished. However, I know that they have not disappeared for good, because many circumstances bring me to praying at night to some supposed higher being looking for an ounce of help.. any portion of hope.. anything to give purpose to and help any of the bad things currently occurring to those who are close to me.

For those who pray on a daily basis and for those who simply need a reason to, I ask that you keep the following people in your prayers: my uncle who currently is diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Bollingmo who is also diagnosed with cancer, Fred Reneka who (after a blood transfusion after a car crash) received HIV [I thought they checked all the blood first..], and for those not mentioned.

[August 3rd 2006 12:12 PM]


please, smile. [July 24th 2006 04:08 PM]

sometimes you just have to laugh.
and trust that everything is going to be okay,
even on the days where everything isn't.
especially on the days where everything isn't.
and trust the really good days,
in the spring
when everyone is remembering how to smile,
in the summer
when goodbyes were less bitter and more sweet,
in the fall
when we all got to know each other and shared,
in the winter
when it wasn't supposed to be good.
they are infallible, irreversible,
settled in the arbitrage,
they are stones to collect and carry in your pocket
and the clattering, chatting will be a comfort.

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<emo rant>
And it's funny, because today I can't smile because today has given me every reason to not smile. In addition to mentally forgetting how to smile, my body is slowly shutting down on me. At least the weather is amazing (though its' perfection is taunting me through the window).
</emo rant>

Maybe I'll go for a long drive.
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[July 20th 2006 10:37 PM]
does it ever occur to you that humans are not built for a fight? we are soft and inefficient and easily broken. to describe a man is to flirt with vulnerability, with our complicated internal skeletal structures and our hearts that are easily found and wounded. i think that we are a race of leaners: we lean on each other, our hips are manufactured to anticipate leaning; there is a silent understanding that we are just. fragile. in a word. sometimes i think we are the weakest species of all.

but then there is that recognition of our own fragility and it is astonishing. to understand our mortality, our brevity, our single second-ness.

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